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Gen Z Style Of Making Money: Youtube Marketing

Nowadays, everyone is getting indulged in YouTube. In fact, it is one of the largest online platforms which contain globally all types of videos and solutions to every problem. When people were not so much familiar with this social media platform, students use to clear their doubts by asking their teachers or going through various books, if someone had some doubt about a particular recipe, they use to ask their mothers or some old age people who had a great experience in cooking.

What is YouTube marketing?

The method of promoting any brand, product, or service through the YouTube platform is said to be YouTube marketing. Basically, it is like rather than going to door-to-door services, you are promoting your brand on a global online platform where your advertisement is being seen by millions of people. Whether you are an entrepreneur or any organization, you should first know what is the thing that the customers want badly so you can attract lots of customers. These are some of the marketing strategies. For YouTube marketing, three things should be kept in mind:

  • Making promotional videos
  • Having influencers in your video
  • Advertising on the platform.

Steps for marketing strategy:


Here is a fully defined planner which can lead you to all YouTube marketing strategies:

  • For your business to spread globally, you need to open a YouTube channel first. As YouTube is a part of Google, you have to sign up for your google account for a YouTube channel.
  • How to gather an audience? This is one of the toughest tasks. For this, you must do a bit of research by going through the YouTube demographics and doing a survey about what people like the most and what they do not.
  • In every field, you have a competitor and the same goes here as well. There are millions of YouTube channels, some might not have monetization but might have great content. So, you should search about your competitor by analyzing the subscribers count, frequency of posting, video quality, likes and dislikes, and many more.
  • Now comes the main question: How to get famous? Every day almost 1 billion hours is been used just to watch content on YouTube. For getting the algorithm in your videos, you should know about Search Engine Optimization and use proper keywords.
  • Punctuality should be maintained. You should upload and schedule your videos so that your subscribers are impressed and wait for videos.
  • Your YouTube channel needs to be optimized will attract followers.

So these are some of the strategies of YouTube marketing which if followed properly can lead to millions of subscribers and you can be an influencer one day.